Major Wire Screen Media

Industry Experts With Innovative Screening Solutions

Major Wire Screen Media is your western Washington production partner for all screen media and screening related supplies. Our staff has 30+ years of experience weaving woven wire and recommending the right screen media and related accessories to improve your screening productivity and efficiency.

Major Wire Screen Media is part of the Major Wire screening group of Montreal, Canada-based Major Wire Industries Ltd., and serves Major Wire’s western North American Authorized Dealer network. Our 60,000 square-foot facility includes an in-house weaving and finishing process that matches Major Wire’s ISO 9001-2008 registered process and quality standards. This provides us with the resources to quickly deliver all of Major Wire’s high-performance screen media solutions for the quarry, mining, industrial minerals, recycle and green waste markets. 

These screen media solutions include:

  • OptimumWire® woven wire lasts up to 40% longer than traditional woven wire
  • Flex-Mat® 3 Tensioned and Modular technologies increase screen capacity by up to 50%
  • Flex-Mat 3 Series L lasts up to twice as long as traditional harp wire
  • Double-Weave™ woven wire handles up to 3 times more impact force
    than larger single-strand wire
  • HyperSlot™ uniquely slotted wire slows material down to increase throughput
  • Flex-Mat 3 Double-Wire™ provides added impact resistance over traditional Flex-Mat 3

Our product offering doesn’t stop there. We supply a full line of accessories for your screening needs, from polyurethane and rubber screen media to screen bolts, nuts and washers to crown bar rubber, clamp rails, center hold-down bars, wear protection accessories and more.

As a Major Wire Authorized Dealer, we offer the following performance-enhancing customer support programs:

  • Our Results Guaranteed Program eliminates any risk for new customers and/or new applications with existing customers for Flex-Mat 3
  • Our Screen Maintenance Seminars educate customers on screening techniques, troubleshooting and how to maximize wear life
  • Our on-site Screening Plant Audits help customers identify production issues, evaluate their impact and provide a formal report complete with photographs and straightforward recommendations

Let’s have that conversation to improve your screening productivity and efficiency today.